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BusinessDay: AI can help you find the best employee, and quicker

InterviewME says its platform is designed to help improve culture fit and foster diversity within an organisation.

By Johan Steyn, 28 March 2023

In the fast-paced world of corporate recruitment, finding the perfect candidate can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Traditional hiring methods involve sifting through stacks of CVs, co-ordinating interviews, and struggling to assess cultural fit and promote diversity.

The hiring process, which includes HR interviews, takes an average of 22 to 40 days. This timeline can vary depending on factors such as the industry and the level of the position. A swift hiring process is essential for companies to stay competitive and ensure they secure the best talent.

The most common issues faced during the critical process include the streamlining of the interview scheduling process; a lack of standardisation in interviews, which can lead to inconsistent candidate evaluations; and poor communication between HR and other departments causing misunderstandings about role requirements.

Can modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) be used to recruit the best candidates faster? I recently met the team at InterviewME, a cutting-edge, video-interview-as-a-service solution designed to streamline the hiring process, improve culture fit and foster diversity within an organisation.

Jesse Bosch, the CEO and co-founder told me that “as a proudly SA technology provider, InterviewME offers a one-way video interview platform for corporate HR and recruitment agencies to quickly assess candidates, saving up to 45% of the time spent on screening CVs and conducting first interviews.” He further explained that by leveraging video technology, InterviewME allowed its customers to evaluate the person behind the CV, promoting diversity and inclusion with an 18% increase in effectiveness.

The other co-founder, Nivi Grogor, explained that additional features include powerful scheduling tools, subtenant access for recruitment agencies, audience analytics, candidate motivation, and customisable templates. “Our video question templates can be pre-recorded, providing a personal touch to the interview process.”

“Maintaining consistent branding and offering a personalised experience throughout the hiring process can be challenging for organisations.” Bosch expounded on their white-labelling feature, enabling companies to ensure a professional and cohesive look across their recruitment materials and maintain their branding throughout the candidate experience.

Companies that use InterviewME’s scheduling tool to conduct in-person interviews with applicants have full control over the interview process, including the questions asked, the amount of time candidates are given to respond, and any internal discussions about the candidates.

Bosch added that “our platform is not meant to be a replacement for the complete interview process that is already in place; rather, it is intended to assist businesses in determining which candidates they are most interested in spending time interviewing.”

By leveraging the innovative features of the InterviewME platform, companies can overcome the recruitment obstacles and revolutionise their hiring process.

“Interested businesses can take advantage of a free trial period of 14 days to evaluate the product and put it through its paces. A variety of month-to-month subscriptions are available here,” Grogor said.

Finding the right employees fast is a challenge for many local business owners. By using smart technology platforms such as AI, we can grow our talent pools effectively in the midst of the brain-drain that affects us all.

• Steyn is on the faculty at Woxsen University, a research fellow at Stellenbosch University and the founder of


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