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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, as agreed by founding members:

1.    The purpose of this Forum is to create an opportunity for senior practitioners to share knowledge and experience.  We aim for “Head of Automation / RPA” level.

2.    This Forum is run by industry for industry – a small Steering Committee have been established to arrange logistics.

3.    Attendance is by invitation only, to ensure the appropriate level of seniority and therefore quality of conversation is maintained.

4.    Consultants and vendors are welcome, provided that these sessions are not used in any way to promote sales.  We want to ensure that conversations can stay open and honest, focusing on learning from each other.

5.    The number of attendees per organisation will be limited to 3 – please coordinate among yourselves within your organisation to identify the appropriate individuals to attend.

6.    Topics for discussion are selected by vote, and speakers can be recommended by members.

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