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Artificial Intelligence: The 2021 Articles

Published 2022

In this book, you will find the articles I published in 2021.


We live in an era where AI is pervasive. The new technology has the potential to revolutionise healthcare, education, and the delivery of services. We have the power to improve the lives of our children.

We have to take this technology seriously. We have to debate, share ideas and collaborate. I often wonder what my son and his contemporaries would say about us when they look back on what we did a few decades from now. Would they praise us for reigning in this technology, for steering it in a direction that benefits all, or would they condemn us for allowing it to destroy the lives of future enerations?

For the purpose of this book, I split the articles into the following parts:

  • AI in my world: an African view

  • AI in automation: an “everything automated” world

  • AI in your world: AI on the global stage

  • AI in healthcare: health & longevity

  • AI in business: practical steps

  • AI in our world: societal impact

  • AI in our future: over the horizon

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