Publication dates to be confirmed: 

Aseem Prakash - World's Leading AI Business Strategist
Anne Boysen - Foresight Analyst at Artemis Connection
Rik Marselis - SogetiLabs Fellow

Bogdan Grigorescu - AI Platform Manager - Marks and Spencer
Mahesh Bhatia -  Senior Director - LANDING AI
Jaishree Naidoo - CEO Envisionit Deep AI
Eline Chivot - Center for Data Innovation
Aaron Hui - The AI Robotics Ethics Society
Kobus van der Westhuizen - CEO & Founder Genii Ai
Djamila Amimer - AI Consultant, Speaker, Author

Katie King - Management Consultant, Keynote speaker on AI

Adi Kaimowitz - Group CEO at Virtual Actuary | Speaker - business 4.0 & disruption

John K Thompson - Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Data Science Thought Leader

Joseph Ndaba - 4IR Commissioner at Republic of South Africa

Mark van Rijmenam - Speaker on the Future of Work and the Organisation of Tomorrow

Chris Milligan - Factory 4.0 Coordinator - Nissan Motor

Shea Brown - Founder & CEO, BABL AI Inc.
Romy Hussain - Senior Director, Healthcare Economics and Data Science, Johns Hopkins Healthcare

Roger Spitz - Founder of Techistential, Chairman of Disruptive Futures Institute 
Rossana Bianchi - Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics Lead @KPMG
Valerie Morignat - CEO at Intelligent Story, AI Strategist, Designer & Ethicist

Riccardo Bocci -Director, Product Management - Automation, AI applications - IFS
Cortnie Abercrombie - CEO, Founder AI Truth

Tao Ma - VP of Language Technology - ASAPP

Benoit Piveteau - Data Scientist, French Delegate at the G20 Youth Group

Volha Litvinets - AI Ethics & Digital Marketing 

Vered Shwartz - Postdoctoral Researcher at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence 

Carlos Montemayor - CEO and Co-Founder at Inflection Point Systems, Inc.
Shyamala Prayaga - Autonomous Digital Assistant Vision Lead - Ford Motor Company
Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes - Healthcare Executive, GBA Ethics Officer
Ekkehard Ernst - President at Geneva Macro Labs & Future of work and AI specialist at ILO
Charles Givre - Vice PResident: Data & Analytics - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Merve C. Hickok - Founder, Springer AI & Ethics journal
Tulsee Doshi - Google Product Lead - ML Fairness and Responsible AI
Ana Chubinidze - AI Policy Exchange, European AI Alliance
Bhumika Billa - AI and Law, Cambridge International Law Journal

Manisha Singh - Global Director Digital HR - Schneider Electric, Futurist & Speaker

Meltem Ballan - Professional Fellow-Data Science - General Motors 

Dr. Alexander Stein - Human decision-making & behavior expert
Joris Krijger - AI & Ethics Specialist - De Volksbank

Maria Axente - Responsible AI & AI for Good Lead at PwC 
Steve Shwartz - AI Author, Investor
Rohit Talwar - Futurist, CEO - Fast Future 

Richard Yonck - Futurist, Best-selling author of "Heart of the Machine" & "Future Minds

Ylan Kazi - VP Data Science & Machine Learning - United Health Group
Eddan Katz - Platform Curator: Artificial Intelligence - World Economic Forum

Leslie Canavera - CEO at PolArctic LLC
Tom Cheesewright - Futurist - Book of the Future


Dr. Patrick Bangert

VP AI at Samsung SDS

Ansgar Koene

Global AI Ethics & Regulatory Leader - EY

Jennifer L. Fischer

Felician University, Girls Who Code

Calum Chace

Author, Speaker

Dr. Chhavi Chauhan

AI Policy Expert

Nikola Danaylov

Antoine Paillusseau

CEO of FinChatBot

Sean Culey

Author "Transition Point: From Steam to the Singularity"

Dr. Nick Bradshaw

Co-founder & CEO of AI Media Group

Dr. Jacques Ludik

Founder & Executive Chairman, Group CEO, Cortex Group

Dr. Ron Chrisley

Centre for Cognitive Science at Uni of Sussex

Ryan Falkenberg


Kathryn Malherbe 

Med Sol AI Solutions

Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez

Woxsen University

Dr. Dorothea Baur

Baur Consulting, AI Ethics

Dr. Andy Pardoe

Warwick University, Pardoe Ventures, AI Future Show

Archie Arakkal

Machine Learning & Data Engineer

David Wood

Futurist, author, singulatarian and sought-after speaker.

Matt Mallett

MD of recruitment consulting firm AI Unity

Renée Cummings

Founder & CEO, Urban AI/ Artificial Intelligence Ethicist. Criminologist & Criminal Psychologist