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Before You Speak

An essential guide on conference speaking: How to secure speaking invites, submit speaking proposals and all the things you need to know before you walk on stage.

What will you get out of this book? I will give you advice on everything you need to do before you walk on to that stage as a conference speaker. 


It starts with identifying your intentions and building brand recognition. The next step is to identify the kind of conferences you would like to speak at and then submit a proposal to speak. If conference committees accept your submission, they would often wish to interview you. How do you ensure your speaking proposal and interview is a success? What are the conference organizers and delegates looking for? And what are you to do when your submission is not successful? 

What are all the crucial aspects to keep in mind if you are successful? Think about travel arrangements, visa applications, expenses, and hotel arrangements. Or even if it is a virtual event, what do you need to remember? Think about timezone differences, the conference program, the virtual platform, sound, light, and posture. Once you get momentum and had your first successful conference presentation, how do you build on that success to receive more invites in the future?


I will help you take the right steps to ensure you become a recognized speaker in your field of interest, build your brand and network, and increase your prospects of future employment.

Published 2021

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