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Publication dates to be confirmed: 

Aseem Prakash - World's Leading AI Business Strategist
Anne Boysen - Foresight Analyst at Artemis Connection
Rik Marselis - SogetiLabs Fellow

Bogdan Grigorescu - AI Platform Manager - Marks and Spencer
Mahesh Bhatia -  Senior Director - LANDING AI
Jaishree Naidoo - CEO Envisionit Deep AI
Eline Chivot - Center for Data Innovation
Aaron Hui - The AI Robotics Ethics Society
Kobus van der Westhuizen - CEO & Founder Genii Ai
Djamila Amimer - AI Consultant, Speaker, Author

Katie King - Management Consultant, Keynote speaker on AI

Adi Kaimowitz - Group CEO at Virtual Actuary | Speaker - business 4.0 & disruption

John K Thompson - Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Data Science Thought Leader

Joseph Ndaba - 4IR Commissioner at Republic of South Africa

Mark van Rijmenam - Speaker on the Future of Work and the Organisation of Tomorrow

Chris Milligan - Factory 4.0 Coordinator - Nissan Motor

Shea Brown - Founder & CEO, BABL AI Inc.
Romy Hussain - Senior Director, Healthcare Economics and Data Science, Johns Hopkins Healthcare

Roger Spitz - Founder of Techistential, Chairman of Disruptive Futures Institute 
Rossana Bianchi - Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics Lead @KPMG
Valerie Morignat - CEO at Intelligent Story, AI Strategist, Designer & Ethicist

Riccardo Bocci -Director, Product Management - Automation, AI applications - IFS
Cortnie Abercrombie - CEO, Founder AI Truth

Tao Ma - VP of Language Technology - ASAPP

Benoit Piveteau - Data Scientist, French Delegate at the G20 Youth Group

Volha Litvinets - AI Ethics & Digital Marketing 

Vered Shwartz - Postdoctoral Researcher at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence 

Carlos Montemayor - CEO and Co-Founder at Inflection Point Systems, Inc.
Shyamala Prayaga - Autonomous Digital Assistant Vision Lead - Ford Motor Company
Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes - Healthcare Executive, GBA Ethics Officer
Ekkehard Ernst - President at Geneva Macro Labs & Future of work and AI specialist at ILO
Charles Givre - Vice PResident: Data & Analytics - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Merve C. Hickok - Founder, Springer AI & Ethics journal
Tulsee Doshi - Google Product Lead - ML Fairness and Responsible AI
Ana Chubinidze - AI Policy Exchange, European AI Alliance
Bhumika Billa - AI and Law, Cambridge International Law Journal

Manisha Singh - Global Director Digital HR - Schneider Electric, Futurist & Speaker

Meltem Ballan - Professional Fellow-Data Science - General Motors 

Dr. Alexander Stein - Human decision-making & behavior expert
Joris Krijger - AI & Ethics Specialist - De Volksbank

Maria Axente - Responsible AI & AI for Good Lead at PwC 
Steve Shwartz - AI Author, Investor
Rohit Talwar - Futurist, CEO - Fast Future 

Richard Yonck - Futurist, Best-selling author of "Heart of the Machine" & "Future Minds

Ylan Kazi - VP Data Science & Machine Learning - United Health Group
Eddan Katz - Platform Curator: Artificial Intelligence - World Economic Forum

Leslie Canavera - CEO at PolArctic LLC
Tom Cheesewright - Futurist - Book of the Future


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