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The Business of Software Testing

Published 2017

The Business of Software Testing cover 3

For nearly a decade, I was employed by large consultancies and service providers, offering Software Quality Management services to a global customer base. Many of my strategic customers were in the Banking and Financial Services space. Working with these large providers, I was accustomed to target-driven, fast-paced work-life – one where business acumen and commercial savvy were part of everyday life.

However, my experience with many of my customers was quite frustrating. Many of these were test professionals who “came through the ranks” over the years and were now heading up QA/Testing capabilities. They often had excellent technical skills but little business understanding. Many considered QA/Testing to be a means to an end: risk mitigation, speed to market, cost management. Their approach was not driven by business and commercial principles, but often by technology, test tools and frameworks.

Nowadays, I work on “the other side of the fence” – I am now a customer of many of my previous employers and competitors. I, therefore, believe that I have a unique insight into the world of Software Quality Management.

"The Business of Software Testing" is a must-read for all Software Quality Professionals. Why would you read this book? Are you a Software Quality Testing Professional, or keen to become one? Interested to learn more about the dynamics of our industry? Keen to grow as a leader with business acumen and commercial savvy? Want to know how vendors operate and how customers buy? Would you like insights into the future of Software Quality Management?

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